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iCC 2020 Proceedings

Association CiA (CAN in Automation) has postponed its iCC 2020 – International CAN Conference. However, the e-book of proceedings has been prepared and CiA starts selling it. Proceedings contain all 22 papers and the keynote speech. You can order them from CiA office: secretary@can-cia.org. They are distributed by email in PDF format. Additionally, CiA has scheduled two free-of-charge webinars, in which Reiner Zitzmann and Holger Zeltwanger will present the trends provided in the iCC papers. Of course, in about 60 minutes they can provide just a brief summary. More info: https://www.can-cia.org/services/seminars/webinar/

And of course, we will prepare information about trends and innovation in CAN in Czech language for our reader too – stay with us.