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Digitální transformace a konvergence provozních, informačních a inženýrských systémů

Výzkum, vývoj a vzdělávání v automatizaci

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Closing and issue dates

Main topics and important dates –
– magazine Automa in 2021

Issue Deadline Publishing date             Application topic Product topic 
2               25.1.2021 26.2.2021  Automation systems for water and waste water networks Level sensors               
3 22.2.2021 29.3.2020 Digital transformation, smart manufacturing, computer aided engineering, digital twins Communication networks (wired, wireless, incl. Eth APL, 5G...), IIoT, cyber security
4-5               29.3.2021 18.5.2021 Amper Fair, Forum „Automation Outlook“, Artificial intelligence in industry

6               24.5.2021 29.6.2021 Machine vision systems; quality
control, measurement of dimensions and forms
Industrial cameras, measurement machines, digital microscopes and profilometers

7 24.6.2021 29.7.2021 Automation for transportation, road infrastructure control systems (smart highways, toll systems), charging stations, autonomous
Measurement of distance and speed in transportation, aerospace field, building industry etc.
8-9 2.8.2021 6.9.2021 MSV Fair, research, development and education in automation

10 20.9.2021 27.10.2021 Automation for power stations, renewable resources,
electricity and heat distribution networks, smart grids
Non-contact temperature measurement, heat and electricity consumption measurement
11 12.10.2021 16.11.2021 Condition monitoring, diagnostics, maintenance management Motion control sensors
and systems
12               16.11.2021 21.12.2021 Automation for chemical, oil and gas industry Flowmeters and control valves

1/2022 21.12.2021 28.1.2022 Intralogistics, warehouse management and material flow management Robots and handling machines

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