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PLC, průmyslové počítače, operátorské panely, I/O moduly

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Closing and issue dates

Main topics and important dates –
– magazine Automa in 2017

Issue Deadline Distribution main subject Market survey, discussion
1  14.12.16  26.01.17 production control systems for food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries; pressure transducers and regulators market survey: flush diaphragmpressure transducers
2-3  30.01.17  08.03.17 communications in industry; Amper 2017 international trade fair in Brno
4  06.03.17  10.04.17 automation in chemical and petrochemical industries; process gas and liquid analytical technology market survey: process gas chromatographs
5  04.04.17  17.05.17 production logistics; automation of packing and filling machines and lines; machine vision systems; identification of goods and individuals discussion: human resource management
6  10.05.17  14.06.17 smart grids, modern distribution networks; building automation; measurement and automation in water supply and sewage treatment; level transmitters market survey: ultrasonic level transmitters
7  06.06.17  19.07.17 automation in cars and other vehicle production; telematic systems, automation in transport
8-9  21.08.17  25.09.17 production quality testing, automated testing of electromechanical components, International Engineering Fair (MSV) 2017 in Brno
10  11.09.17  25.10.17 production control systems (MES/MOM), SCADA systems; big data, cloud; development environments for planning, designing and simulation, PLM; cybersecurity
11  09.10.17  13.11.17 programmable controllers, industrial computers, operator panels, I/O modules; programming environments, tools for PLC programming, program verification, and software quality check discussion: documentation management; market survey:
I/O modules
12  06.11.17  11.12.17 safety systems; on-line equipment condition monitoring and predictive diagnostics; pneumatic, hydraulic, and electric drives; instruments for flow measurement and regulation market survey: Coriolis flowmeters
1  10.11.16  15.12.16 industrial and service robots; grippers and sensors for robots market survey: force and torque sensors