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SPS IPC Drives 2018

Elektrické, hydraulické a pneumatické pohony

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Closing and issue dates

Main topics and important dates –
– magazine Automa in 2018

Issue Deadline Distribution Main subject Product topic 
1  11.12.17  24.01.18 industrial and service robots; grippers and sensors for robots force sensors and torsionmoment
sensors; industrial
weighing technology
2-3  15.02.18  13.03.18 education; research, development and innovations
event: Fórum automatizace
4  19.03.18  16.04.18 modelling and simulation in industry, virtual commissioning
automation in warehouses
and intralogistics
5  16.04.18  14.05.18 measuring, control and automation technology for process industry
temperature sensors
table survey: resistance
temperature sensors

6  15.05.18  12.06.18 automation in manufacturing and assembly lines
machine vision systems
table survey: optical code readers and recognition systems
7  15.06.18  13.07.18 sustainable manufacturing; effective consumption of energy and materials
systems for environmental
monitoring; fluid and gas analysers
8-9  27.08.18  24.09.18 automation of machine tools and forming machines and lines MSV Fair
linear and rotary encoders
10  17.09.18  22.10.18 automation in agriculture, building industry and mining communication systems in industry
table survey: gateways for industrial Ethernet
11  21.10.18  19.11.18 electric, hydraulic and pneumatic drives, position systems
SPS IPC Drives Fair
12  16.11.18  14.12.18 automation technology in power plants
fire and explosion protection systems; dust concentration measurement
table survey: industrial smoke and fire detectors
1                             automation in food, beverage
and pharmaceutical industry
flow measurement and control, pumps
table survey: electromagnetic
and induction flowmeters

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